I was having some issues downloading all the videos from Beyonce’s new album and was kind of hysterical about it before during and after the problem was resolved. This Apple employee was cool about it, though.

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i came into this world covered in someone else blood and screaming and lemme tell you i’m not afraid to leave it the same way

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I did some critical thinking today

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Where do I go as an atheist to confess? You’re the closest thing to a secular priest around here…
Confess to me if you like, but I can’t grant absolution. No one can do that for you but yourself.

Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

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I walked into my favorite coffee shop today and the guy behind the counter (his name is Frank, or Miles, and he is an illustrator with hearty sideburns) immediately got to work on my hot chocolate. “Raspberry?” he asked, waiting for a nod. He knew my drink and the way I liked it, so I sat and chatted about Disney World and Breaking Bad and Junot Diaz with him for twenty minutes before I had to go to work. There was ice on the ground outside but the windows were sweating, and I felt cozy for a moment. I laughed at a face he made when I mentioned Quentin Tarantino and then I left, leaning into gusts of wind but with a warm cup in my hand and the door chiming as it swung shut.

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